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Sitting or standing, two blades or one,

Falcona Longpaddles, Keepin It Fun!

Paddle boarding with a super long double bladed paddle is a game changer!

Plus it converts to both a sit down kayak paddle and a single bladed paddle board paddle.

Every paddle includes 3 blades for the various applications as well as a nylon padded bag with compartments to protect your paddle and for easy transport and storage.

Click on the paddle pictures for all the specifications.  Available in aluminum, carbon fibre shafts, and full carbon fibre.

Find Your Perfect Paddleboard

The new FLP Boards are here and on sale for $599.   They are very durable and sharp and measure 11' x 33" x 6".  They are wide throughout the body and have a square tail which make them super stable.  The deck pad is thick and there are multiple d rings for a kayak seat or other items.   Two lateral fins and one removeable central fin will have you tracking well.   Included is a single bladed 3 piece aluminum paddle, leash, fin, backpack, patch kit, and manual pump.  They have a black bottom and the deck has a wood graphic.

Our other Falcona Longpaddles SUP's have a wood coloured bottom and the laminated PVC is wood colored right through meaning it will maintain it's beautiful wood like appearance for years.   Those are available in 10.5 ' x 33" all around, 11' x 32 all around, and 11.5' x 32 " touring.  They include a carbon fibre shafted paddle, a thick EVA deck pad and multiple large D rings as well as the backpack, fin, patch kit, leash, and manual pump.   They are on sale for $699

Pop up store at the Bay Mall in Victoria, BC, Dec. 2021
Falcona Longpaddles practice session at the Gorge Waterway in Victoria.
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