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Two Blades or One, Keeping it Fun!

Find Your Perfect Paddleboard

Falcona Longpaddle boards are made from double layer bamboo colored drop stitch that is lightweight,  durable, and beautiful.  The pvc is bamboo color right through  as opposed to being painted a wood color which means it is very resistant to scratches. The two layers of pvc are pressed together at the factory which some refer to as dual laminate technology.      This,  as opposed to what is termed physical double layer, which is the process whereby a single layer of pvc is applied to the drop stitch layer, and then a layer of glue and then another layer of pvc.   The result is equal durability with less weight as the second layer of glue between the layers is not used.  The rails are triple layer. 

  . The boards come with accessories including the backpack, hand pump, leash, single bladed paddle, and patch kit. We are starting with 4 models.   Our most stable board has 3 removeable fins and measures 10.5 feet by 33 inches by 6.   We have another 10.5 foot model that is 30 inches wide with one removable fin.  Then an 11 footer also 30 inches wide with one fin and finally a 14 foot model that is only 28 inches wide and has one fin.   All the boards are wood in color and have a  black deck and rails, with the Falcona Longpaddles Logo on the bottom and the bow of the board as well as the mountains on the deck.  The black rails are beneficial as a white rail will soon show scuff marks from the paddle.    The black deck is very thick and is great for keeping your feet warm.  There are 4 or 6 large d rings towards the bow  for the bungee cords as well as 4 in the middle to attach a seat is desired, and 1 at the stern.   The recommended weight limit for the board is 300 pounds.   


The Falcona Longpaddle Collection

flp carbon paddle in pieces on table bes

Falcona Longpaddle

Sitting or standing, two blades or one,

Falcona Longpaddles, Keepin It Fun!

Paddle boarding with a super long double bladed paddle is a game changer!

Plus it converts to both a sit down kayak paddle and a single bladed paddle board paddle.

Every paddle includes 3 blades for the various applications as well as a nylon padded bag with compartments to protect your paddle and for easy transport and storage.

Click on the paddle pictures for all the specifications.  


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